Registration Requirements

Pedigree Registration

Foals born of SHOBA registered parents are automatically eligiable for Pedigree Registration in SHOBA.  Both parents must be registered SHOBA for the foal to be eligiable.  If only one parent is registered , the owner of the offspring can apply for Performance Registration when he/she is under saddle.

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                                                Performance Registration                                                   

    The Single-Footing horse should demonstrate a pleasurable disposition, a willing nature, and be  easily handled and managed.

     Horses of breeding status (mares & stallions) should be of exceptional                                                                                quality in conformation and in gait.

      No horse with profound conformation flaws, nasty dispositions, or                                                             undesirable gait will be accepted for registration.

      The Single-Footing horse should demonstrate an even timed, four beat gait with a broad range of  speed.   At no time should proper form and gait be sacrificed for the sake of speed. Horses that become  pacey or break gait will not be eligible for registration.

      The Single-Footing horse is able to perform this gait and range of speed naturally without the aid of  weight or action devices. The Single-Footing horse should be barefoot or no more than keg shoe on all  four feet. The use of a handmade keg shoe is permitted as long as it is made of 3/8 x 3/4 stock or less.

      You must be a current member in order to register a horse

       Follow these guidelines to submit a video of your horse for consideration of a performance                                                                                                                                        registration.                                                                                                                  1.    Show the horse in hand and without a saddle in four views:  directly facing the camera, the direct  right side, the direct rear side, and the direct left side so the horse's markings and conformation can be  clearly seen. 

   2.    Lead the horse in a circle in both directions.
   3.    Pick up each foot so the horse's shoes can be clearly seen.   A horse wearing excessive weight,  plantation shoes, pads, or action devices of any kind, on any foot will not be accepted for registration.
   4.     Saddle the horse and ride for at least five minutes to show his natural gait.   Begin riding him at a  walk and then ask for increasing speed.   The horse should demonstrate a reasonably broad range of  speed in an even timed, four beat, single-footing gait.   At no time should the horse be allowed to pace  or break gait for the sake of speed.
   5.     You must be a member of SHOBA, submit the proper fees, and the horse must meet the above      registration requirements in order to be registered.
   6.     Videos may be mailed or uploaded to YouTube and a link sent to
                                                                                               The mailing address is:
                                                                                            943 Skitts Mountain Road
                                                                                                Cleveland, GA 30528