Single-Footing Horse Owners' & Breeders' Association

The Horse Of The Future...With A Gait Of The Past


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SHOBA Fall Celebration at Mammoth Cave Horse Camp, Kentucky

SHOBA Board of Directors:
Bob and Deb Anderson, Dayton, TN  423-618-1492(c)
Ben and Beth Cantrell, Cleveland, GA  706-969-6624 (c)
Robert and Tonia Swafford, Pikeville, TN  423-618-6325 (c)



SHOBA 2014 Membership Bonus
SHOBA 5" Decal
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SHOBA Breeders' Directory and Stallion Showcase have been updated!  Take a look!  Advertise your horses and skills today.  

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Junior Shupe with Reverand Homer's Deacon