Single-Footing Horse Owners' & Breeders' Association

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The Horse Of The Future...With A Gait Of The Past


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2015 SHOBA at the Germantown Charity Horse SHOW

SHOBA Contact Information

SHOBA Telephone Number:  706-969-6224

SHOBA Email Address: 

SHOBA Mailing Address:  3785 Summer City Road, Pikeville, TN  37367

SHOBA Registration Information: 



SHOBA Board of Directors

Bob and Deb Anderson, Dayton, TN  
618-1492 (cell)

Ben and Beth Cantrell, Cleveland, GA 
     706-892-7435 (cell)

Robert and Tonia Swafford, Pikeville, TN 
     423-618-6325 (cell)

SHOBA Fall Celebration 2014

SHOBA Fall Celebration
September 10 - 13



Now all SHOBA registration, membership and fees can be paid through our website using PayPal. See the Membership/Services page for details.   Check out our Merchandise page for SHOBA t-shirts and sweatshirts.

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  • A SHOBA Member and want to sell a horse, trailer, tack, etc.?

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18" Decals

SHOBA Truck/Trailer Decal
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